SUSS + SGAssist + The Affirmative People: Eldex Asia 2019

How meaningful are your events?

We worked hard to make our involvement in every event deeply meaningful. So when we had the opportunity to partake in Eldex Asia 2019, we did what we do best.

We got people started on thinking about their vision for their golden years which they could pen and paste on a huge tree. Some thought long and hard because it was something they have not reflected on. Some had ideas but struggled to write the words. Their awkward handwriting and misspelt words made their pieces of post-it notes so much more valuable. The most unforgettable event for me is witnessing how Dean Ng stood by for half an hour beside a lady who drew a blank looking at the tree but slowly managed to conjure up her thoughts together and write something simply because she was given a safe and encouraging space to do so. Dementia is no barrier to participation. It was such a privilege to see that smug look of accomplishment on each senior as they pasted their ‘fruits’ amongst the others.

The Affirmative People are so proud to be part of the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) alumni; the first batch of students from the Gerontology Programme that started 9 years ago. Thank you Dr Carol Ma for bringing communities together to make a difference. Thank you SG Assist, Greg Tan and team for keeping our booth so vibrant. Thank you Eldex Asia for this wonderful platform. Looking forward to more impactful projects together!

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