Innovating Amidst Cancer: 6 Ways to Enhance Care

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating. Thriving amidst the challenges that cancer may bring requires some self mastery skills as well as tools and coping strategies.

What does cancer mean to you?

Cancer does not necessarily mean the end of a good quality of life. Dover Park Hospice taught me that cancer is a reminder that every moment matters. Cancer also simply means that what you have been doing may not be optimal. Your body is out of balance - nutritionally, chemically, environmentally and emotionally. Therefore, it is a signal from your body to relook some aspects of your choices and how you lead your life.

While we believe that the journey of managing cancer is a time of reflection, we also believe that this period is also the time to innovate your new self; reconnect with your emotions, rewire your brain to new ways of thinking, reexamine relationships and nourish yourself adequately. A cancer diagnosis however can leave people feeling powerless and it is a feeling that needs to be addressed in order for one to be proactive on this journey. Sometimes, these can be done in one session, sometimes it’s multiple sessions.

What are the areas where we can work together?

You do not need to be alone on this journey. Let us explore, together, what you believe about yourself, the cancer, your life and what you want. We can support you with resolving your physical and emotional symptoms. We support shrinking tumours, reactivate healthy cell function, supporting you through procedures such as chemo and radiation, amplify good results, eating well, detoxing, stress management, pain management and even preparing for final transition to be at peace. Let’s start focusing on the way forward and what you want.

The areas that we can work on fall into three categories. Practical aspects of care, exploration and reflection as well as re-innovating the self. Below are some possible areas where we can support you.

1. Address Physical Symptoms

This includes managing tumours, cancer cells and the health of the body in general as well as physical aspects such as getting through procedures, increasing relaxation and activating the body’s healing mechanisms through various tools such as Rapid Transformational Therapy which includes Cell Therapy and Healing Vortex.

2. Manage Stress

This alone can change a person’s life. Releasing stress restores love. Resolving anxiety helps to reactivate the immune system, calming it so that it can function better. When the body is in fight or flight response, it is not in a healing state. When a body is in rest and digest mode, we are turning on the healing modality, helping the client to remove the stress hormones and restore calm and healing. Design your own care plan according to your priorities, even if it is simply to transition in peace.

3. Investigate and explore underlying root causes or reasons

Raise your awareness of possible unresolved issues or historical trauma. We support in your exploration of ingrained subconscious beliefs in order to resolve deep rooted ones and their physical effects on the body. By closing the chapters of unresolved past, it will release the most liberating healing transformative power from within.

4. Enhance Emotional Insight

Re-examine your focus and levels of optimism as well as rekindle intrinsic motivation so that you can start creating better options for yourself. Navigate emotions and tune your emotional intelligence to enhance your ability to make important decisions using both cognitive and emotional data. We will also look at how you manage your relationships; where can you receive more readily, give more freely? Where do you reject or deny love? How do you connect and collaborate with others, support and be supported?

5. Rewiring The Brain

We will delve into more empowering thoughts and beliefs that you wish to instate within. We will learn about your brain style and work towards equipping you with new skills and capabilities to be effective in the various outcomes that are important to you. Your decision making processes will exponentially be enhanced.

6. Optimising Nutrition

Nutrition is a huge factor in determining the quality of our health. Changing our diet without full understanding of our emotional relationship with food and health psychology will result in frustration. This is compounded by the fact that there are many confusing messages out there and a myriad of supplements to choose from plus conflicting advice from various parties. We believe in starting from ground zero so that you can reboot your system and enhance your body intuition. Be empowered to make your own informed decisions. We work on optimising your nutrition without the use of supplements or the purchase of special products.

By working with us, you gain valuable clarity about what matters, take ownership of your life and create the emotional energy to go forward. You get to explore your patterns, decide what is important to you, evaluate your options and work towards your vision. We support you in your journey of managing uncertainty, helping you to shift your perspectives and see possible paths. Book your first consult session with us today.

About the Author

Juliana Johan is a gerontologist, a Happy For No Reason Trainer and a Rapid Transformational Coach for senior executives, entrepreneurs and leaders. She utilises a complete range of validated tools and assessments for individuals and teams around the world to leverage on emotional intelligence, neuroscience and resiliency. She supports them as they unearth the source of their issues, reframe limiting beliefs and strategically achieve their breakthroughs. She specialises in facilitating states of flow and purpose where you perform optimally and live everyday loving life with both achievement and satisfaction. Connect with her here.

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