Creating Community Heroes

How do you equip your colleagues and community to save your life or the lives of your loved ones?

Eugene witnessed his dad dying and his experience spurred him on to start First Responders LLP which effectively train people to render first aid even in stressful situations. He does not want anyone to feel the same pain and anguish he felt nor does he want anyone to die under his watch again. Our community is truly fortunate to have him. Along with SG Assist, they ensure that the community has a pool of heroes that can attend to any crisis; even those involving your loved ones.

We are sharing this story because we want people to know the importance of first aid skills. It is not just another course that you go to for a few hours and gain a certificate. The instructors and medium of instruction matters because the difference between being confidently skilled and the lack thereof is also a difference between life and death.

Our focus has always been on creating meaningful impact. When we met Eugene, we are struck by how passionate he is about saving lives; so passionate that he would start a class even when there is only one person because one person is all it may take to save another.

We had the opportunity to sit in for the class with Billy, their Chief Instructor, and we are awed by the way in which he utilises our intuition and deepened our understanding of the objectives so that we are able to learn the proper techniques yet able to creatively solve problems on the ground with limited resources. It was a fun and engaging session where they could customise the content according to your profile and simulate real life conditions. Dean (who had 20 years of experience serving as a Police Officer and hence had undergone many types of trainings) put it simply; they will be our choice institution for first aid refresher trainings.

As former police officers, we know the value of tactical knowledge and skills. Eugene and his team even volunteered during the Sulawesi Indonesian earthquake crisis in 2018. Knowing that his team is ready for activation whenever needed in the region made us feel comforted. Their team also cover events and provide ambulance services so any events with them around will be well equipped to handle contingencies.

So check them out here:

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