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We, The Affirmative People, believe that good health is the ultimate expression of love. When we help others attain good health and wellness, they enjoy better quality of life and it is what matters the most. We take a holistic approach to health in that we look at health in terms of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual because they are all closely interlinked.

We are on a mission to halve the number of chronic illnesses globally and we take this mission seriously. We educate communities and we form partnerships to further this goal. We also educate children and women in shelters so that they are made aware and equipped on how to better care for themselves. We take a strong stance that food industry should place ethics and the health of consumers at the core of their business. We advocate for impactful lifestyle interventions, increase health literacy, emotional and psychological resilience to achieve exceptional health outcomes within the community so that people can live their optimal everyday loving life.

The Transitions in Health, Employment, Social Engagement and Inter-generational Transfers in Singapore (Signs) Study carried out by Duke-NUS Medical School’s Centre for Ageing Research and Education and the Ministry of Health found that 37% percent of the population above 60 suffer from three or more chronic health conditions in 2017. The number of people suffering from chronic illnesses if left unchecked would more than double by 2050 according to a report released by the National Healthcare Group (NHG). It is truly heartbreaking to us that chronic illnesses are the norm today so we are here to shift the bell curve so more people can experience what it feels like to enjoy optimal health. Join us!

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