Our Story; Juliana Johan

Juliana Johan is an International Best Selling Author, a Possibility and Performance Therapeutic Coach, a gerontologist as well as the Co-Founder of The Affirmative People. She adeptly guides people on their journey to heal and lean into their power through self-mastery, inner peace and purpose. She specializes in the reframing of limiting beliefs and unearthing the source of your issues to achieve a state of flow where you perform optimally and live everyday loving life.

Hello Beautiful Soul

I'm Jules and I love supporting others on their journey to live everyday loving life in love, joy and freedom. What are you familiar with? What would life be without limiting beliefs, self-doubt, anxiety and overwhelm? How comforted would you feel to have someone support you through your illness or crisis?

Let me support you as you lean into your power through self mastery, inner peace and purpose. What would life be like if you could close the chapters of unresolved issues and gain clarity about your life? I would like to invite you to start thinking about how it would feel to live with ease and flow, creating your own impactful legacy, to love and be loved. Let's turn possibilities into reality and achieve your optimal health and well-being today.

"I was feeling very stressful, having dark thoughts crossing my mind and feeling anxious not knowing if my new business is going to be successful. One session with Juliana, and I feel the complete opposite. I feel lighter, more grounded and connected, more trusting the universe that it will all work out for the best. Every time a dark thought wants to enter my mind, it is as if small white clouds are just snapping them before they can rest in my mind. Juliana’s compassion together with the safe space she creates is key to getting to the deepest parts of my unconscious to unlock and unblock the limiting beliefs that are holding me back. Her support and understanding are crucial to go into this process with an open mind. Thank you!"

Yasmina Fadli 

CEO & Sales Strategist at Corporate Game Changers, Belgium

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