Our Mission

Our mission is to support achievers globally to be bolder, stronger, wiser and living everyday loving life. We build affirmative communities through transformative health and wellness initiatives. What sets us apart are the rapid yet lasting effectiveness of our programs and our integrated approach in addressing the human spirit.


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Dean Ng

Transformational Health and Award Winning WildFit® Coach

Dean Ng is on a mission to facilitate personal growth and development by raising awareness and transforming our approach towards health and aging.

She is especially passionate about nutrition, stress management and quality relationships. She had served in the Singapore Police Force for 20 years and has amassed a wealth of experience including resilience building and trauma management.

With her background in gerontology and nutrition, Dean dispenses up to date practical knowledge that empowers a global community of impactful achievers to experience their peak health, re-examine their purpose and create a legacy. She supports her clients through crisis and struggles to redesign life with new found zest, redefine aging, their relationship with food as well as with their body and others around them.


Juliana Johan
Possibility and High Performance Therapeutic Coach

Juliana Johan is a gerontologist and a Rapid Transformational Coach for senior executives, entrepreneurs and leaders. She utilises a complete range of validated tools and assessments for individuals and teams around the world to leverage on emotional intelligence, neuroscience and resiliency. She supports them as they unearth the source of their issues, reframe limiting beliefs and strategically achieve their breakthroughs. She specialises in facilitating states of flow and purpose where you perform optimally and live everyday loving life with both, achievement and satisfaction. 


She loves the richness of life and is an avid learner. She loves meeting new people and engaging in deep meaningful conversations, believing that everyone has gifts to offer. She is also passionate about empowering seniors as well as underprivileged children.

Certified EQ Assessor
Certified Happy For No Reason Trainer
Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist
BA Double Major in Sociology and Psychology with Minor in Entrepreneurship
Masters of Gerontology