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Your transformation is at the heart of what we do and we can do it, together. Work with experts who truly care; it is time to  regain your health and live in possibilities simply by rediscovering yourself and bringing yourself into balance. Work with us to dramatically and naturally transform to a stronger better happier redefined you.

Affirmative Healing Coaching

Are we the right fit?

We coach people who are committed to play full out to exponentially improve their quality of life. We coach people who are ready to take charge of their health. They want to be in balance mentally, physically and emotionally. They understand the value of life. They go straight to the most effective ways seeking the best people to support them on their journey while navigating the health maze in peace and confidence.

Affirmative Healing Program

In 90 days, we will be focused on expanding your circle of control so that you are centred within yourself unaffected by your environment. It is time to experience your health breakthroughs; find your balance, exponentially increase your energy and reframe your limiting beliefs.

Nutrition - How do you nourish yourself?

Beliefs - How do you power on?

Balance - How to live in love and joy?

Longevity - How much do you value life?

36 in-depth WildFit videos and online journal 

1 Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions

1 Living WildFit e-book

 Affirmative Facebook Private Support Group

360° Assessment of your wellbeing

30 Hours of Powerful Coaching Support








Sessions Per Week

A collective of multidisciplinary modalities and applications

We bring a collection of modalities and practical knowledge to life into the most effective applications for your utmost benefit. We believe in being client centric. Our coaching program will bring you a sense of wholeness where you integrate your emotional, mental and physical aspects of your well-being into balance.

Be With People Who Help Your Being

We are at the forefront of redefining aging, transforming health institutions and shaping the medicine of tomorrow.

We invite you to look for the people who truly care and who can support you every step of the way especially in those times of vulnerabilities when you are overcoming crisis and illness. Make this one second decision to connect and see how your world can just fall into place.