Values We Espouse

Love. Integrity. Growth. Impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support achievers globally to be bolder, stronger, wiser and living everyday loving life. We build affirmative communities through transformative health and wellness initiatives. What sets us apart are the rapid yet lasting effectiveness of our programs and our integrated approach in addressing the human spirit.

Resilience and Recovery Program

Are you suffering from weight issues, poor health, chronic disease or even life threatening illnesses? Let's embark on a transformative journey of rediscovering yourself, improve your health literacy and restore your balance through impactful interventions and affirmative support.



Possibility and Performance Program

Are you an achiever who understands the significance of insight, self mastery, resilience and stamina? Are you facing high stress situations on a daily basis where there are high stakes involved in every decision that you make? Work with us to powerfully redefine yourself and exponentially expand your possibilities.


We bring you better outcomes. We focus on what is beyond traditional wellness programs, beyond exercise, supplements and equipment. We advocate growth and resiliency through 5 areas of impactful interventions so you can build an affirmative community of high performers.

Emotional Intelligence and Influence

Optimal Health and Lasting Energy

Team Building and Flow of Trust

Self Mastery and Psychological Resilience

Clarity, Insight and Perspective

Bespoke Program Options

Rapid Transformational Therapy

WildFit Corporate Challenge

Happy For No Reason Workshops

The Energy Codes

Signature Corporate Programs 

1 Hour Affirmatively Powerful Workshop

Reversing Burnout and Increase Resilience

14 Day Affirmative Corporate Challenge

90 Day Surfing Possibilities Corporate Challenge


Contribution is at the core of our business and when you choose to work with us, you are giving every step of the way. With your support, we are able to create powerful impacts both locally and around the globe.

"I stop my cholesterol pills. The pills from my doctor is having side effect causing my 'CK' muscle enzyme to shoot up hence whole body muscle ache so I never take. My cholesterol reading now is better than when I was taking the pill. I also lost 15kg naturally following the program with Dean. My doctor commented he has never seen anyone's reading improve so fast and so drastic without medicine."


Kelvin Tan - Singapore

Empowering Women and Children

The Facilitators' Project

We empower abused and neglected children and women in shelters with skills in self mastery, leadership and well-being. And we do it through the shared experience of elevated emotions such as joy, love and freedom. Find out more about the project here.


Empowering Seniors:

Surfing60s Club

We create a global community of ELDERS (Empowered Leaders Doing Everything Strategically) through personal development and tribe building initiatives. We support our ELDERS to think in possibilities, feel worthy and loved as they contribute in their unique ways.

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